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Your vehicle needs solid tires in order to operate safely. We can pick up a nail in our tire without even knowing it. And having a blowout is always a scary event to deal with. Not only is Lazer Towing known for it’s towing services, but we also offer tire changing services as well. If you’re facing a flat or want to replace your old tires with a fresh set, call on Lazer Towing.

Without proper equipment or training, changing a tire can be a grueling and difficult challenge that drags on for hours. Your car is heavy, and its tires are unwieldy. It’s critical that you get this repair done right. We have the tools and skills to provide efficient tire changes.

With Lazer Towing you can expect:

  • Quick and courteous service
  • A wide selection of tires
  • Tire rotation and inspection
  • Fair rates and clear invoices

Locally and family-owned and operated, Lazer Towing prides itself on excellent customer service and satisfaction. For 10 years, we’ve been offering our customers the best in towing and vehicle services. If you need to change a tire, our team is here to assist. Sometimes tires can be patched. Our team of highly trained drivers is ready to repair those tires if it’s possible. Call today for more information or to schedule a new tire appointment.

Don’t get stranded with a flat tire! Save our number in your phone today (662-893-3310)!

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